Monday, October 5, 2009

They laughed when I sat down to write..

My goal isn't to become funny. The headline is from a famous ad (by John Caples) that ran for years and made the makers of mail order piano lessons very rich. Try as they did, they never came up with a headline that brought in more response.

In advertising there are (or I should say, seem to be) two schools of thought about copy writing. 1. The brand building school 2. The sell something school

On occasion you find something that bridges those schools. It both makes the brand likable AND makes you want to give them your money. THAT is the kind of writer I'd like to be. Skilled enough that whichever type of writing is required for a project I can bring the other kind along into it.

So, I guess this is my "copywriting blog". Feel free to bash the posts all to hell in the comments (but please try to make the comments actionable. "you suck" doesn't give me much to work with.)


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