Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pike Place Market: revisited

That Pike Place Market project from a couple posts ago has morphed into a more general guide to Seattle project. But one directed to those (like me) that are not fond of crowds.

It's become support material for, and a site containing, regularly updated webisode guides to some of the areas best attractions and how to enjoy them with minimal hassle. Plus, viewers can participate by uploading their photos of tourist spots. (A guide to places mentioned in the webisodes is likely in the future.)

(Click on any image to see it larger)

Here's a "Brochure" for the literature racks:

Here's the "blast email" directing people to a website:

Here's a simple website containing a Homepage, a page for people to upload their photos, a page to contain an archive of past webisodes, and an about me page.

And finally, here's a script for a 3 minute webisode "The Pike Place Market Photo-op Tour."

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DF Hobbs said...

Some of the critique went like this:

Brochure can probably loose the copy, or almost all of it anyway.

Across the board the headlines restate the same thought with different words. Redundant. Best to have them be page/document/content specific. Also copy repeats too much and should be more page/document oriented.

Snarky third person orientation good for overall copy. First person "I'm the expert, here's what's good" for the webisodes. (Consider adding podcast version?)

More conciseness for page copy.

Perhaps let people rate the photos and the best ones float to the top, or if they get used/featured in the clips give them a prize.

Let people suggest a place to check out.