Monday, October 5, 2009

How to get people interested in your blog without wrapping it in bacon.

This is supposed to be "5 examples of good web writing". My only real problem was narrowing things down to 5. Good writing is good writing and the following are writers and sites I suggest are a "must read" for anyone interested in capturing a readers attention and presenting a message.

1. Nothing else like him. Neil French. The man can write. This site has great writing in two places: First in his introductions to the work he's presenting, and second in the work itself. You won't go wrong studying this work.

The Neil French Site

One of my favorite pieces (click for the larger version)
And one of my favorite campaigns

2. Ken Segall is a long time Writer and Creative Director that's done some amazing work. He's the master of simplicity and focus. And he's brought that to IBM, Apple, and Intel (among others). His Blog "Observatory" is a insightful look at technology and marketing. And it's well written too.

Ken Segall's Observatory

3. Do you read the Onion? You should. It's not just funny, it's well written. And once you start reading it's hard to stop.

The Onion

4. Do you write? Well, if you do here's one blog you don't want to miss. It's a collection of writers each bringing their own thoughts on a variety of issues related to writing for the internet, most specifically geared to the world off blogging.


5. Apparently I have a soft spot for grumpy old advertising men. George Tannenbaum is a great writer that draws you in with nearly every post. This is a personal blog, but he covers sooo much territory.

Ad Aged


And a few runners up:


Mark Fenske is a legendary Wieden & Kennedy Copywriter and advertising instructor at VCU AdCenter. He had a great blog that seems to have disappeared for the moment. Anyway, if you find more examples of his work, study 'em. Closely.

Here's what he can do with an infomercial: (27min long)

Bob Hoffman writes "the Ad Contrarian" and he's "fucking amazing". He mostly writes about advertising, but he sometimes writes about other stuff. Read him. Now.

The Ad Contrarian

Gerorge Parker is another one of those "old guys" that tells it like it is. He's a blast. AdScam

Hayes Thompson (The Naked Copywriter) doesn't actually take his clothes off. Instead he "strips ideas bare" and presents them for your enjoyment. Enjoy his blog here: The Naked Copywriter

Sally Hogshead is a great writer. Period. She's largely moved into the world of offering career advice. Here's her blog: Radical Careering

The Hidden Persuaders not only has a great blog, they have a fantastic blog roll. Check it out: The Hidden Persuaders

Oh, and for foodies, those that hate them, and anyone desiring a good read: check out the Surly Gourmet :)

OK, I think that's enough for now.

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