Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pike Place Market: "Take One"

A challenging class project to sell one of the most popular destinations in all of the State of Washington: Seattle's Pike Place Market. Well, technically not sell the destination, but rather direct people to a website where they can learn more about it.

My take about the Market is if you don't like crowds, don't go. Or better still, plan your visit to best see what you want and minimize that bad part of going.

Like any marcomm project I start with a brief. Here it is:

With the brief done and the idea articulated, it's time to write.

(Click to see larger)

Now, what have I done here? Seems I have used my "default voice," the FKA (Friendly Knowledgeable Authority). I fall into this voice when I do things in a hurry. It's a useful voice for selling many things and I'm comfortable enough with it for it to be OK in this project. (You have no doubt noticed I use it a lot in this blog.) If I had more time I think I'd try some variation.

No matter. Now this project has changed. Watch for a future post.

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