Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good eye eh?

This last winter I took a class taught by Pat Horn of Creature. And one of the little "get to know us" assignments was to bring in what we considered to be three "ads we liked". I decided to go with some TV.

I didn't know it was in contention at the time, but tonight I fond out that one of my favorites was also the One Show judge favorites. And on Thursday it won top honors.

Tell the story behind how Johnny Walker became the worlds largest selling brand of whiskey, while walking down an Scottish road. Give the brand relevance to to a generation that doesn’t know anything about it.

The two other "favorite" ads of mine were:

Link the company to creativity, to those that “think different.” Apple is not so much a computer company as a company that makes tools to empower creativity and imagination.

Use dramatic demonstrations to highlight both the effects of tobacco use and the predatory practices of tobacco companies and their executives. Instead of laying the blame for smoking on the smoker, lay it on the tobacco companies.


And the rest of the 2010 One Show winners can be found here: The One Show